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Welcome to Marmaris Dundee

Marmaris Pizza and Kebab House is a foodie's haven. From stuffed crust Pizzas and gourmet Burgers to the juiciest Turkish Kebabs, get ready for a mouthwatering journey of flavours that'll set your taste buds dancing with delight.

Our piping hot pizzas, smothered in 100% Italian mozzarella cheese and covered in our signature tomato sauce, are sure to leave a lasting impression. For Kebab lovers, we have a great selection of goodies to indulge in. From flame-grilled chicken Shish Kebabs to succulent Doner Kebabs and sizzling Iskender kebabs, it's all amazing. If you crave variety, our Iskender mix Kebab, served on our very own homemade Turkish bread, is an absolute must-try. Just place your order online and let the magic start!

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